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Villain Characters

Villain Characters from the Sword in the Stone
These characters can be used to inspire the characteristics and design of my character. I would like to stick to keeping the character in a similar time period such as medieval. There is a possibility that the character will have body armour as such to identify that he has authority and is a potential villain. He will act in a similar way such as Sir Kay, a character in “The Sword and the Stone’ who is very keen to steal the sword. Many of the inspirations that will go into designing my character will mainly be from Sir Kay.
Sir Kay
Kay is the son of Sir Ector, and at the beginning of the film, is in training to be knighted by Christmas. He is a big, burly young man with red hair, and is most likely somewhere around the age of 20, judging from a line by Merlin. Kay serves as a foil to his younger adopted brother Arthur, being boorish and lazy, despite being higher in rank than Arthur. Kay treats Arthur rather cruelly, usually calling him the deriding nickname of the Wart.
Sir Kay Before being honored as a Knight -
Sir Kay as a Knight -

More Villains:

An old looking character from Roger Rabbit with evil features. Judge Doom is a scary evil looking character. His main features come from this old bald head and black gown and large white eyes. His has the look of a typical old bald scary looking man, perhaps a head master of a school. His characteristics are strongly represented through his use tone of voice and his facial expressions during performance. He has an overall colour appearance of pure black with white blood shot eyes. His appearance make him appear as though he has seen and experienced some terrible times, killing, deaths and blood shed. His body langauge is slow, expressed with his slow walking but powerful connection to any audience.
I feel he is one of the scareist characters used in child videos.

Strawberry bear is an extremely evil villain. However he does not represent the characteristics of a typical even person. He looks cute and cuddly but under his fur he is an evil bear. This bear in my opinion represents the characteristics of a paedophile. However he does display the features of an old man bear, in the movie he walks around with a cane which gives him the look of old and powerful. His facial expressions are cute and happy and his body langauage ensure that you know he is old but very wise and takes control because he knows best. This is all part of his characteristics to draw you in close.


Itchy from the simpsons is a typical teen looking character. He plays the role of always attempting to be killed but is extremely bright and very snidy. He has the features of a teenager, a fag in his hand, hair styled in a cool style, collar neck clothing and a look of being popular. However under his great looks is the appearance of an evil character. His characteristics are strongly represented through his use of body language, doesnt have a care in the world and expresses no authority nor respect to anybody.


Mr Burns represents the look of a typical old man, a business old man with lots of money who is extremely stingy. He has the characteristics of an evil boss, somebody in a powerful position and who takes things from those who are less fortunate. He is more nearer the teenage evil character and represents the characteristics of somebody who stays far away from people, lives a long life. His power is clearly represented in his clothing and his evilness in his facial expressions. He uses very strong body language, mainly in the use of his hands.  


Scar is a very well-known character. He has the features of a typical family member who will offer you deals too good to be true to trap you and stitch you up. He has the beard of an old man, a feature commonly used with evil kids villains. The main evil features in this character are his eyes, claws, teeth and beard. This character is another good example of Disney use of animals but with represented with humanised facial expressions and body language. An excellent character to connect with through children. In the animal kingdom a lion is seen as king, above all other animals and will all fight to take the dominating role. He is very much like Mr Burns, a high level of use both in his facial expressions and body langauge, mainly in the use of his hands.

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  1. Good research, love Mr Burns, he and Scar are very similar in the way they speak - slowly deliberately and very well. Although scary, they are also rather idiotic because they are power mad!