Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sword in the Stone – Video Analysis

When the knight (Not King Arthur) attempts to remove the sword in the stone he first grabs the top of the sword with one hand and yanks the sword upwards. With his strong action and no movement from the sword the knight’s body judders back then forwards. His face immediately turns to a sudden surprised facial expression in response.

He then places his entire body action into the removal of the sword by placing his body underneath the sword and using an upwards body motion. His entire body tenses and he raises his head to look upwards. Both hands are on the swords handle.

With failure he changes position. He’s face is now all scrunched up as he has both hands on the sword and yanking at it from a side on action repeatedly.

He then changes again to pull the sword up from the stone from a higher position. He appears angry and frustrated at this stage and his friends then enter the scene to help. His head is leaning far back as his entire body weight in lent to one side in an attempt to pull the sword free.

 Video Clip:

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