Thursday, 29 March 2012

Video Analysis of Kicking the Sword and Removal

I trialled myself in this video to see how on my first attempt, I would attempt to kick a sword out of a rock. I used a garden pitch fork in the grass as an example. What I performed I this video is what I would have done if this situation was real from first instincts and not from a plan or script.

To begin, I approach the sword standing on both feet. I then lift up my left leg and raise it off the ground. I then draw back my foot so that I can aim and build up power. Of course, in this example I can’t kick the fork too hard otherwise it would have come straight out of the ground. My hands are not used but they do however, react slightly to the power that I give in my foot when I’ m kicking the sword. I slightly raise them up and on each kick slowly drawing back my foot for the next attempt at kicking.

I repeat this procedure 2-3 times before giving up on the sword and realising that it’s not going to come out.

With disappointment, I then dropped to my knees and grabbed the top of the sword to rest my arms and hands on it so that I can drop my head in disappointment while shaking it.

Suddenly I realise that the sword has become loose and on hearing this I then slowly raise my head off of my arms. I then slowly look up towards the sword is confusion and then pull at the sword.

To my amazement the sword becomes free from the stone and I then hold it up in the air continuously looking at it. At this point I cannot see my face but I know that my first reaction after standing up was excitement.