Monday, 6 February 2012


Below is a very basic storyboard which will provide a draft detail of how the short story will be created in animation.

In the first scene Balthier will enter the scene and walk towards the sword which is stuck in the stone. Over the next few scenes Balthier will attempt to pull the sword from the stone. These scenes will be used to express detailed character animaton using body language and facial expressions. Balthier will eventually kick the stone and simply cause the stone to break in half revealing the full sword.

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  1. I often feel it is better to just use the face or body without a prop - can you imagine a senario where Balthier is being conniving, or looses his temper, you could just show his face reacting to something that someone else is saying to him, a subordinate for instance, not doing as he is told. Then you could use lip sync for instance.