Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fork in the Garden – Video Analysis

In this investigation a garden fork has been placed into a garden. A male and female have been asked to act out how they would remove the garden fork, as if they didn’t realise it was stuck in the ground. They have been asked to approach the garden fork as if it were the sword in the stone, after a few attempts the sword will become free from the stone. 

Female Video Analysis

On first approach she inspects the fork. Firstly walking around the fork, and then looking at how it is held into the garden. Her eyes are permanently on the garden fork and her facial expressions are bland.

She then grabs the fork in an attempt to pull the fork out of the ground expecting the fork to be in the ground very loosely. When she pulls on the fork for the first time it is only with one hand. On pulling the fork her nose scrunches up and her eyes close slightly as she puts effort into the pull. Her upper body rises also with the upward motion.

Once she figures out the fork is in the ground very tightly she then re-investigates the positioning of the fork, and then places both hands onto the fork in another attempt to pull the fork free. She places both hands on the fork as in this attempt it is clear she will use more force.  Her facial expressions remain the same as the first but slightly more scrunched up with a strong smile as she puts in all her effort.

She then re-investigates and takes another attempt to pull the fork from the ground. She uses the same motions and facial expressions as before but for a much longer duration. After her third attempt she smiles and gives a slight laugh as the situation it hard to believe.

She then takes her final pull on the fork, her body rises high, and her face scrunches up, but with a smile as she pulls as hard as she can. As the fork becomes free from the ground she stumbles back with laughter and a large smile.

Video Clip:

Male Video Analysis

On first approach the male inspects the garden fork with an intrigued look on his face. He places his hand onto his face and holds his chin. His eyes are permanently on the garden fork as he spends a few seconds thoroughly inspecting the fork before stepping closer to it.

On his first attempt at pulling out the fork she stands behind it with both hands placed on the fork. Like with the female, his faces scrunches up, his upper body rises, but his eyes close as he pulls at the fork. His shoulders also become very broad.

As he realises that the fork is in the ground is extremely tight he steps away, with an exhausted facial expression, blowing out a blast of breath.

He then grabs his breath and steps back up to the fork in another attempt to withdraw the fork from the garden.

In this attempt he quickly inspects the fork and then quickly dives in to take his second attempt to pull the fork free. His facial expressions are just like before but much stronger as he puts in all his effort into the removal of the fork. He pulls so strongly that he rises onto his tiptoes. His smile forms into a teeth grinding look as he realises that the fork is still not coming free from the ground.

With another blow of exhaustion he takes another step back from the fork, with a puzzled look on his face. He then shakes his head before inspecting the fork from a further distance away. Standing back, as if to realise the fork is defeating him.
He then steps forward to take another attempt. His whole body rises as he firmly places both hands onto the top of the fork and he pulls with all his strength. His facial expressions clearly showing that he is using as much force as possible. His face is all scrunched up, his eyes tightly closed and his teeth grinding together with a rich smile.

The duration of his third pull is much longer than the first or second and he then steps back to realise that once again he has been defeated by the fork.  His facial expressions are identical to the second failure.

On his fourth attempt his facial expressions are identical to the third but slightly angrier. He quickly dives in like before and with another blast of energy the fork becomes free. His facial expressions immediately change to a huge pleased smile, his eyes wide open as he laughs with excitement as he withdraws the fork from the ground.

Video Clip:

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