Sunday, 5 February 2012

Character Profile

The character I have designed is named Balthier. He was originally born in the highlands of York in 1650AD and spent most of his childhood watching his dad fight as a knight. At the age of just 10 Balthier watched his father die on a battlefield serving for his king. Balthier watched his father fight endless fights and knew that he would eventually lose his life for nothing. Upon his father’s death, his sword was sealed in stone to mark the existence of his father and his heroic existence. This gave Balthier rage against humans and was the spark that created his evil character. He yet still, journeys to find the sword in stone, but not with the same intension of using it like his father. The sword will eventually now serve him and his very evil existence, to have revenge on human kind.

Balthier is 6ft 2” tall and doesn’t have any hair. He is the age of 30 and is commonly seen always wearing his dull clothing, brown leather harness and dirty brown boots. Balthier is known as the bad knight slayer and wears a black eye mask that wraps around his head. He is commonly known for hunting people who hold information on the location of his father’s sword.

Balthier’s favourite food is meat, he regularly eats it straight from the bone and sometimes raw. He often is seen walking with his chest sticking out to make himself appear bigger and stronger. His voice is incredibly deep and he spits when he talks.

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  1. A good analysis of character - I could visualise him in my head quite well and you give reason why he has got a streak of evil in him.