Monday, 20 February 2012

New Storyboard

Below is the new storyboard, it now has more detail in each scene and shows Balthier's facial expressions and body language.

A brief description of each scene:

Scene 1

Balthier walks past the Sword stuck in the stone, with a cheeky glazed look his takes notice of the Sword and decides to have a g at removing it.

Scene 2

Balthier prepares himself to remove the stone from the stone and take several attempts.

Scene 3

Balthier realises just how hard the sword is to remove. He begins to put more effort into the stone. His facial expressions begin to change, he becomes frustrated.

Scene 4

Balthier’s mood changes, he begins to get angry at the Sword, the camera angle changes and Balthier begins to put his whole body weight into moving the sword.

Scene 5

Balthier remains angry but begins to kick the sword in an attempt to remove it. His facial expressions and body language show his frustration and force in attempting to kick the sword free.

Scene 6

Final after such force the Sword becomes free from the stone, Balthier’s mood changes to happiness, his cheeky smiling villain face has also returned.

Storyboard before any colour or digital enhancement.

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  1. This is not bad - I would like you to look into facial expression - make sure that you look at the link on the VLE web links page, as this will help you.