Monday, 30 January 2012

Creating the Trousers

The trousers were created from a cylinder. An image of a pair of trousers was placed on to the scene on a plane.

The cylinder was then converted to an editable poly and the vertices could now be shaped using the outline of the trousers in the image as a guide

By duplicating the cylinder I could now create the other side of the trousers and these two cylinders were then welded together, firstly by attaching them.

To create the creases in the trousers I played around, moving and shaping the vertices to give the trousers a more realistic look.

A material was then created for the trousers. This was done by using a Unwrap UVW modifier. It was necessary to pull out the vertices in the edit mode to shape the trousers to that the material would fit properly.

I then rendered the UVW image to import to Photoshop.

In Photoshop I then took sections of a pair of trousers and slowly built up a pair that I could use as the material for my trousers.   

Once completed the material could now be applied to the trousers.

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