Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creating the Boot

To create the boot I used a similar process as the top of the body. In this process I did require me to develop much of the boot using freehand creation.

The base of the boot was the first to be created. This was done by first placing a bitmap image onto a plane and using a box with several edges on width, height and length placed on top.

By converting the box to an editable poly I could now pull the vertex points out in-line with the outside of the boot in the image and shape the box into the sole of the boot.

Once the sole of the boot was created, I was now able to develop the sole and progress into making it into a boot. This process was done by changing the image on the plane to an image of the right side of a boot.

This enabled me to pull up the vertex points up on the sole and begin shaping the boot.

Due to the shape of the boot I had to create the curvature of the boot via freehand creating.

The top of the boot was developed by editing and moving the vertex points. This section was also done free hand with no image to refer to. By repeatedly turning on and off the turbo smooth allowed me to view the boot as I was creating it.

I then applied a unwrap UV modifier to the boot. Because of the complex design of the boot a standard UV mapping modifier was not able to place a material onto the boot without sectors of it being stretched.

Using the same technique as with the top of the body I could pull out the vertex points in the material editor mode and make the material fit onto the boot without any stretched sectors.

To create the other boot I duplicated and mirrored the first boot.

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