Monday, 30 January 2012

Creating the Sword

The sword is constructed from just one cylinder. The process began with placing an image of a sword on to the scene on a plane.

Converting the cylinder to an editable poly enabled me to begin to pull out the vertices. The entire handle was created in the same process and all from this one cylinder.

To create the outer wings on the handle these were also created from a cylinder and using the image was a guide I pulled the vertices out to create the shaping of the sword wings. Extra sections had to be added to this cylinder in order to create this complex shape before converting the cylinder to an editable poly.

Once the top of the sword was now completed I could begin to weld it all together. Sections of the sword were duplicated to create symmetrical sectors.

The blade was created in the same process as the handle, dragging out the end polygon and the moving and shaping the vertices in-line with the blade of the image.

To create the material I selected the poly I wanted the selected material to be placed on and then detached these polygons. This process was much easier and quicker than using a Unwrap UVW modifier due to the complex shaping.

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