Monday, 30 January 2012

Creating the Head

The head began its life by creating a cylinder on the scene.

The entire head was designed on the basis of my research and was created using an image as an outline.

I pulled out sectors of the head to create the eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Only half of the head was created at this stage so that I could then duplicate it and weld the other side together. This would ensure I had a symmetrical head.

The ears are created from a cone, converted to an editable polygon and using insets the centre of the ear was made. The ear could now be welded onto the head.

The eyes were created in a tutorial and were made using spheres with a space wrap added to them. The space wrap enables me to shape the eyes while still having control over moving the spheres to open and close the eye lids. A handy technique when it comes to animating.

Shaping the eyes:

An Unwrap UVW was then applied to the head to create an image of the rendered UVW. This was then placed into Photoshop so that I could now create the skin material with the blacked out eyes.

This gives the character a more villain look and covers some of his face.

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