Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creating the body

To create the body I began with placing a plane into the 3d Max scene. I then applied a bitmap image of a jumper with a male body figure onto the plane. I would then use this in order to shape and move around the vertex points to create the body.

I then placed a cylinder onto the scene on top of the plane with the image on.

I converted the cylinder into an editable poly and deleted ¾ of the polygons leaving just the right hand top corner. I would then use this section to create the right hand corner of the jumper. Seeing as the jumper is symmetrical on both sides I could create 1 corner of the jumper and mirror the polygons.

I then moved the vertex points into line with the image on the plane.

Once the first quarter of the body was created and shaped I could now copy and mirror the shape to create the back of the jumper. This created the first half of the jumper. I used the same process to create the other half of the jumper.

Using the attach tool on the first section of the jumper I could now attach all of the sections together and using the weld tool, weld all of the vertex points together. The jumper now looks like the top of a male body.

It was necessary to perform some vital adjustments at this stage of the modelling process as once it was welded together it was much easier to identify any faults.

At this stage the body required bitmapping. I chose to use a wool material but in order for the material to fit on the body correctly I had to use an Unwrap UV modifier.

Using the unwrap UV modifier enabled me to stretch out the vertex points within the material editor so that material fitted onto the body without any of the material stretching in areas such as the neck and sides.

I made a copy of the UV map for reference so that I could edit the material in photo shop should I need to add  any logos or extras to the material on the body.

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