Sunday, 1 April 2012

Using Adobe Premiere Pro

To piece together all of the animation scenes it was necessary to use a software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. I chose this software as it was most compatible with reading Uncompressed AVI files and had the best editing functionalities.

I placed all of the rendered scenes into the workspace and began to cut them up and piece them together so that all of the shots worked in combination with the script and storyboard.

It was vital to get the timing of the close up shots correct and not to lose any of the animation.

To create the titles I found it easier to create these in Windows Movie Maker, render them in high definition and then import them into Adobe Premiere Pro and place them into the workspace.  

I decided not to use sound as a background or to create an audio track to go alongside the animation. I did however, trial creating an audio track with my own voice and using objects to create sound effects but these trials didn’t turn out well so it was decided that no audio would be used only in the ending credits.

The final render of the animation project was rendered into the format of an .FLV 1080 x 720p resolution.

I felt that this format maintained the highest standard on quality and could be played back on most computers without buffering.

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